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    So, you’ve chosen your health professional to support you during pregnancy and birth; be it a midwife, a doctor, an obstetrician or a combination of all three. So why would you want to hire a doula as well? The reasons can vary: You might be a first-time mum who wants a little extra guidance; or...
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    Ever since I was a little girl I was always fascinated with the birthing process. I'd quiz my mother on how my brothers and I were born and I would pour over her books. As I grew up I saw a women's ability to birth was a rite of passage and that with the right support, space and approach had the potential to be a truely anchoring & empowering experience.

    The birth of your baby should be one of your most memorable, life-changing and joyful experiences.

    As a doula I provide non-medical support to parents during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.


    Would you benefit from additional information and advice about pregnancy and birth so that you can make informed choices?


    Together we’ll prepare a birth plan that details your hopes and wishes. Know that I’ll be able to provide you with consistency of care. One person who will be with you each step of the way.


    As a doula I advocate for your emotional and physical wellbeing so that you can have the birth that you choose.

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    Doula Package includes:

    • A 'Getting to Know' you meeting 
    • 2 Pre-natal visits 
    • On - call for 24/7, 2 weeks either side of your due date
    • Birth
    • 2 Post - natal visits.

    Prices provided on request

    Tailored packages can also be arranged

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    Recent birthing clients have kindly shared their thoughts on my service

    First time parents, May 2018


    Lucy is an amazing doula who we would highly recommend. Throughout our pregnancy, labour and post labour she was a constant support to us. She went above and beyond the scheduled visits to our home by regularly checking in with us, offering resources and literature and even attending an event with me about becoming a mother at her suggestions. She was invaluable to my husband and I throughout our entire 12 hour labour; allowing my husband to go out and get food while never leaving my side. She helped explain medical procedures and decisions and also provided relaxation techniques such as head massage and essential oils. We had such a positive birth experience in large part due to her help and we both said that we couldn’t have imagined doing it with our her. Even the midwifes and my Obstetrician remarked on how wonderful she was.

    She was also a huge help to me during the post birth home visits. She provided settling techniques and offered guidance and reassurance. She even stayed with my baby for a couple of hours so I could get out of the house for a bit of ‘’me time’’.

    We are so grateful to have had Lucy be a part of our birth experience. Her professional and genuinely caring nature made her feel more like a friend to us and not just a doula. We can not overstate her value enough and look forward to having her by our side again for our next pregnancy!


    First time Mum,  February 2018


    Lucy was my doula for the birth of my first baby. I’m a single mum so was looking for a support person for me and my birth partner. From the moment I met Lucy, I felt comfortable and knew she was right for me. On the day I went into labour, she met me at the hospital and immediately activated my birth plan. I was so impressed with the way she built an immediate rapport with the midwife that would be delivering my baby. It was invaluable in facilitating a calm and smooth day and ultimately the birth of my baby girl. Lucy was in tune with my labour process and knew where I was at and what I might need to get me through the toughest parts. In the end, I was able to have my baby exactly how I wanted it. And I credit that to Lucy. In addition she made sure both my parents were present as my baby entered the world. Something they will cherish forever. I can’t recommend Lucy enough if you’re looking for a doula that is professional and is just a really lovely person.

    First time, Single Mum, March 2017

    As, a single mother with family overseas, it has been really difficult to think, that I will have to go through labor on my own. I was really scared until i met Lucy. I felt immediately more calm. Before my son was born I had contractions for 6 days which is called prodromal labor. Lucy was a big support, checking on me often by phone, visits and answering all my ( even sometimes silly ) questions with patience. I went to hospital once, got morphine to get some sleep as I was exhausted. The next morning they sent me home. In the afternoon I couldn't bear the contractions so I went back to hospital, they wanted to send me home because I was dilated only 2cm. After talking to Lucy on phone we decided to stay few more hours to see if there will be any improvement. When Lucy arrived I was still only 2cms but she discussed with the midwife leaving us together to get labour going. We did this, spending time focusing on my baby, breathing and creating the right space to birth. After less than 2 hours I was 10cm's and suddenly my water broke and in 10 min. my son was born. I can't imagine what would have happened if I was at home on my own. Lucy was really professional, calm and I felt like I had a family member or friend with me, rather then someone who was just doing a job. I was able to get through the whole labor without medication and any interfering from the doctors. Lucy also visited me after at home and made sure that me and the baby were doing well. If in the future I decided to have another baby, Lucy would definitely be the person I would contact again to guide me through.


    First time Mum, May 2017

    Lucy was absolutely amazing. She helped me through labour to the point where I was 9cm dilated, with only gas, which was what I wanted. All of the strategies she suggested were so useful and perfectly timed. She was also an amazing support for my partner Luke. Unfortunately, I ended up needing a c-section and it was so good having Lucy there to support us through that process and helping us to know that we did everything possible to achieve a vaginal birth, but unfortunately my cervix just did not want to cooperate. Lucy will be an amazing Doula for all the lucky future mums she will work with!


    First time Mum, December 2016

    Lucy was incredibly helpful throughout the process including meetings before and during labour. She met with me to discuss what I wanted for my labour and asked all the questions needed to understand my wishes. She was a great communicator. I felt she clearly understood what I wanted. This was demonstrated when I approached my due date.

    I wanted a natural birth experience with no interventions unless the safety of the baby and myself required it. In the end I was induced. Lucy’s advice in dealing with the hospital in the lead up to the induction was incredibly helpful. I was asked to set up a date to be induced immediately after I reached my due date. She gave me advice and confidence to push back against this as it was not the birth experience I wanted. She also gave me advice on strategies to bring on labour naturally. Although they didn’t work I felt I had tried everything I could before the induction.

    When I was finally induced I felt I had exhausted all other options and it was the right decision. She provided me with great advice on how to best proceed with the induction and made me feel comfortable with my decision. My waters were broken at first and she helped me to talk to the doctors to ask for longer time to see if this would work. In the end it didn’t but I felt I had exhausted the option.

    I was induced with syntocin and this was a huge challenge. There was even a point when I said I couldn’t do it. But Lucy worked with me and also importantly my birth partners. She supported them to support me. She provided direct support when it was necessary. I was still able to have a vaginal birth without any pain interventions. It was truly the experience I wanted. I can honestly describe my birth experience as beautiful. I think because of the syntocin things may have been very different without Lucy. I thank her for helping to make this possible.

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